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Cooking Mama World Kitchen - WII - Preview

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Cooking Mama was a smash hit for the Nintendo Wii, utilizing the console’s innovative control scheme and making the whole experience compelling for casual gamers. Now, Majesco is getting ready to release the sequel, Cooking Mama: World Kitchen. The experience has been made even easier for casual gaming fans, depending solely on the motion sensing abilities of the Nintendo Wii, and features a crop of new additions and changes. Casual gamers and fans who enjoyed the original game might want to keep an eye out for this title.

World Kitchen does things differently in several key ways: the game features newly revamped 3D graphics, you play as a boy character instead of “Mama”, the main character in the original, and the controls are completely motion based, requiring simple flicks of the Wiimote in order to complete the various cooking minigames. One moment showcased in the game had the main character cutting onions by performing the cutting motion, waving the Wiimote to turn the onion and then dicing them again.

Another interesting element of the game is the addition of the Mama mechanic. The character Mama will sweep in if you make a mistake, resulting in a different mini-game that will possibly result in her keeping you from getting penalized. These range from catching food in the air to outracing a dog in order to grab a piece of meat that fell to the ground.

Cooking Mama: World Kitchen is turning out to be a pretty fun casual game that adds some cool new elements to the successful formula of the franchise. Look for it this holiday.

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