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Cold Zero-The Last Stand - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

Cold Zero puts you in the shoes of an LAPD sniper-turned-private investigator who is forced to work for the mob after he rescued a hostage who was also a police informant.  The game uses a top-view camera to view the action, and that coupled with the gameplay makes the game look a lot like the Crusader series.  The 3D graphics look pretty good, and the environments were nicely detailed and had a really gritty atmosphere. 

Although the storyline is pretty deep, the game will be surprisingly non-linear, and your character will be able to stray from the path and perform various side quests to bring in extra money.  One interesting concept in the game is the pawn system.  Whenever you kill an enemy, you can rob their bodies and take normal items from them and then go to a pawnshop and pawn the goods.  You can then take the money you make and buy better guns.

Cold Zero has plenty of atmosphere and action, and promises to combine those elements with an interesting storyline narrative.  It ships this fall.

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