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Cold Winter - PS2 - Preview

E3 2002 First Look

There are fine lines between a great first-person shooter and an average first-person shooter.  Many times, it’s the little things that create the immersive experience that the great ones have and the poor ones don’t.  If Cold Winter, which is very early in development, stays its course, it will be one of the great FPS’s. 


The hero of Cold Winter, a British Secret Service agent with the equally very British name of Andrew Sterling, is captured in China while on a recon mission.  Luckily, and very fitting to move the story along, a beautiful female Chinese agent frees him from his prison cell.  Thus the game, the mystery, and the carnage begin.


There are three missions to choose from in the onset of the game which changes the storyline and gameplay as players continue.  There’s a complicated storyline to follow, but the conundrums will all be solved as the player progresses through the game. 


The most amazing parts of Cold Winter are the AI and physics models in the game.  The prison guards reacted with incredible intelligence, taking cover behind any object and advancing as a team instead of as individuals.  Every single object is modeled under Cold Winter’s advanced physics engine, meaning chairs can be knocked over and react accordingly to where the chair is hit. 


Andrew Sterling must be one rough fellow, because he doesn’t collect health packs or medkits, he just puts on a bandage and some gauze and injects himself with some morphine.  Boy those Brits are tough. 


Cold Winter will include multiplayer cooperative, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill modes in addition to its single-player campaign.


Cold Winter is scheduled for a Fall release in 2004. 

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