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Codename: PANZERS Phase One - PC - Preview

E3 2003 First Look


I was the fortunate reviewer who got to review Blitzkrieg by CDV games. It really was a solid RTS title, and did a lot of unique things that have kept it interesting for me even almost a month later. I was curious as to how another WWII RTS title could really be a lot different, and there were some things that will help make Codename Panzers unique.


Basically, CP takes the WWII engine and incorporates it into full zooming and rotating 3-D, enough to where you can almost get right up into someone’s face. The biggest difference with CP though is in scaled down units. Basically, rather than have 50 infantry that you have to move around and watch over … CP gives you a lot less to manage, but also makes it a lot more “individually based” for character growth and promotion, and also to help give it a “do what you want” style. For example, troops with flamethrowers can torch a tank until it heats up to the point that the driver hops out. You can then kill the driver and steal his tank. Then, if the tank gets damaged and you see a motorcycle sitting around … ditch the tank and grab the bike. The entire environment is fully interactive, so grab, shoot, or destroy whatever you want.


Graphically, CP is shaping up to be a powerhouse. Detail down to the scattering of shrapnel or vehicle parts when destroyed is being incorporated, and some really cool touches like collapsing power lines and smoke rising like tentacles from explosions are looking phenomenal. WWII RTS fans … keep your eye on this one.

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