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CHROMEHOUNDS - 360 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Developed by FromSoftware, SEGA’s Chromehounds is set to be the first mech combat game released for the Xbox 360 (exclusively, no less), and SEGA’s coming out with guns blazing. The game will offer players robust online options, loads of action and excellent next-gen graphics. Mech fans, take note: Chromehounds launches this July.


The story in Chromehounds follows three superpower nations all fighting each other and vying for world domination. You must set up an allegiance with one of the three nations and command a giant metal mech, called “Hounds” in this game, through campaigns within the game, utilizing strategy as well as reflexes to emerge victorious.


Chromehounds is a squad-based mech game, meaning that you must coordinate with other units around the battlefield in order to win your fights. You have six different vehicle types to choose from: Scout, Soldier, Sniper, Defender, Heavy Gunner and Tactics Commander. Each of them operates in the way that a soldier in the war zone would, with the Tactics Commander as the leader, Sniper taking out bad guys from afar, and so on.


CHROMEHOUNDS Xbox 360 screenshots


While the game will have a pretty compelling single-player mode, the place that it will really shine will be the online mode. Chromehounds will offer play for up to 20 players on one map with six players to a clan. Also, the game will feature a persistent online universe, with a ranking system to keep things interesting in the long haul.


Another great element is the countless ways that you can customize your mech. You can customize your Hound in millions of different ways, changing the weaponry, treads, cockpit design and even adding "Memphis Belle" style icons on the sides of your vehicle.


The graphics in Chromehounds are very impressive and mark a good example of what the Xbox 360 can do visually. The Hounds each have their own unique look about them and are extremely detailed. The environments also look quite clean and have a great sense of atmosphere about them. Plus, the environments are destructible and you can decimate basically anything that you see within the game.


Chromehounds is shaping up to be a very impressive mech game that will translate nicely in Xbox Live and Microsoft’s next-gen philosophy with a persistent online experience and deep squad-based combat.

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