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Chrome - PC - Preview

E3 2003 * First Look


Bam! The rifle recoils and the target is lost from the scope. Quickly you adjust your sites to make certain the target is down. Yeah, he’s down. But maybe a bullet into him will make sure he is dead and not playing dead.


The rifle fires again, sending the limp body tumbling from the impact. Now he is definitely dead.


Chrome is a PC release from Strategy First, slated for a July release date, that was featured in the company’s E3 booth in Los Angeles. The game is a first-person shooter is one of the games that has employed the rag-doll effect on bodies, but has also incorporated some real-world physics.


Players take on the role of Logan, a veteran warrior who has become a bounty hunter in order to make some easier money. But Logan is much more than your average former mercenary. He has been modified with a series of implants, which in turn can be tweaked as you take him through the 14 missions the game offers.


Like most FPS games, Logan can pick up other weaponry as he moves through a scenario, though what he carries is limited by the size of his inventory. Not only do the missions involve killing scores of enemies, but he can also use vehicles to accomplish the objective.


The demo still was missing some elements – such as an AI that needed to be tweaked a bit. And the demonstrated noted that map tools, for creation of scenarios, may become available after the game ships.


The game environments were not interactive, though the overall look of the game is well done. Player movements were very realistic, and the game will feature multiplayer action thought that will be of the death match variety.


Chrome is a solid shooter game, there is little doubt of that. The game features solid graphics, a good supporting soundtrack, and challenging missions. Working your way through the jungle, eliminating a strong enemy to call in the chopper for pickup is no guarantee that you will succeed. Getting out the window and to that pickup point is every bit as tough as actually decimating the targets en route.

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