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Chaos Legion - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - Hands On


Capcom’s new action adventure title called Chaos Legion follows a story set in a very fantasy gothic type setting. The ultimate goal is to collect three sacred glyphs and bring them together, opening the Gateway of Chaos. The story centers around two former friends, Sieg and Victor, that become enemies when Victor is overcome with darkness. Sieg pursues Victor in hopes of stopping the flow of Chaos that has the power to destroy the world.


At a glance, Chaos Legion may look a lot like Devil May Cry or the new Castlevania, but upon closer inspection you’d notice that they are quite different. The graphic style is very similar, giving a kind of dark, gothic feel with demons at every turn. The difference is that Chaos Legion adds the art of summoning 7 different Legions to fight alongside you, each with different weapons and abilities, across 13 different levels.


Chaos Legion was a blast to play. You have the option of choosing between two characters at the beginning, each with their own techniques and appearances. Each character has their own unique play mechanics; the male uses a sword and the female uses these cool, medieval-looking guns.


Each level is split up into missions. The beginning of each mission throws tons of demons at you just begging to be annihilated by cool moves and summoned Legions. The animations of the main character are very cool, but you are restricted to the same combo over and over. Because of this, I tried to mix it up with some of his magic by grabbing enemies from afar and pulling them in, creating an excellent combo starter. Traditional action game moves are present, including double-jumps and avoiding maneuvers.


The true gem that sets Chaos Legion apart from all the rest is the ability to summon Legions. They look awesome in battle, and definitely help out when you’re being overwhelmed by the forces of evil.


Don’t miss Chaos Legion when it comes out, scheduled currently for August of this year.  

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