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Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles - PSP - Preview

E3 2007 Preview

Remakes are a tough thing for our industry unless you're in possession of a great game that certain players have never seen or touched. That's the case for Konami, who did not bring this old Castlevania game to the States. That means that North American gamers will get to play a brand-new Castlevania when The Dracula X Chronicles is released for PSP.

Rich in 2D gameplay and pseudo-3D polygon backgrounds, The Dracula X Chronicles is a moody game with the same kind of enemies and level structure the series is known for delivering. The famous whip is used as your primary weapon, while secondary weapons come in limited quantities but have special advantages. The axe, which allows you to throw a high projectile attack, is one of many fan favorites. Assuming this remake is going to be like the current Castlevania titles, knives (straight shot), fire bombs (angled, but still shoots forward) and other staples should be accessible.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles PSP screenshots

I'm not exactly sure how it worked, but when enough of a particular secondary weapon had been acquired, it became possible to launch a super attack. One shot a ring of fire that expanded several times over until it reached the enemy, inflicting a decent amount of damage. The enemies looked great in polygons, especially the ghoulish yellow creatures that are trapped in the cages. They can't attack until you come by and set them free. But you almost have to throw your whip in that direction in order to kill other enemies, knock over candles for items and health power-ups, etc.

The Dracula X Chronicles does not switch camera angles while you're playing. That experience will remain uninterrupted. But if you open a door, discover a new area or encounter a story sequence, the game may pull a few quick changes for dramatic effect. It's pretty cool and flashy, especially in the way that it snaps back into the 2D view just before the gameplay starts up again.


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