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Call of Duty - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

Most of us who have played FPS games before have played some of the WWII games that are eating up the market. BF1942 and MoH have been the hotter ones over the past year with great gameplay and a lot of fun. Well, Activision is now tossing it's hat into the WWII FPS market with Call of Duty for PC and consoles.

Call of Duty has 4 different mission sets based around four different countries that you can select to play with, each one also adding a unique touch to the game. Russians for example may not be as well armed as U.S. troops, but they have a larger group of numbers to fight with. When on the field, there are a lot of soldiers out there with you ... and each one is AI controlled vs. you having to shout out orders. Even in this early build of the game, the AI was surprisingly smart and would do things like jumping in or out of windows or even setting up flanking positions to trap and kill enemies. Graphically, the lighting effects are looking spectacular and the environment around you really reflects the sounds and atmospheres of war.

Well WWII recruits looking for a new game ... prepare to enlist around the Fall 2003 time.

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