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Call of Duty 3 - 360 - Preview

While the game’s expansion and the current-gen console games were handled elsewhere, the previous two bona fide entries to the Call of Duty franchise have been developed by Infinity Ward. However, with the third game, the baton is being passed off to Treyarch, developer on last year’s console iteration, Call of Duty: Big Red One. This may cause some gamers to baulk at the shift (Call of Duty 2 was and could still be one of if not the best next-gen game on the market), but after spending some time with the game recently, I’d have to assure you that COD 3 is in good hands. The game retains all of the intensity of the previous titles and even manages to add to the feel and become even more atmospheric. Call of Duty 3 is shaping up to be a worthy successor to the previous entries to the series.


Call of Duty 3 focuses on the Normandy Breakout, and puts you in control of soldiers from four different nations, the American and British forces, as well as the Canadian and Polish armies, their first appearances in the series. The game has no loading bar this time around, as the game will stream a movie as the game area loads up, making for a seamless experience.



The one thing that you’ll immediately notice about Call of Duty 3 is the sheer volume of on-screen action has been increased. Tons of more enemies, more tanks, and more friendly units will be swarming the screen at any given moment, adding to the chaos and sense of immersion in the game.


The game takes a pretty realistic approach to the warfare, requiring more time to perform certain tasks. For example, planting a charge is more than just holding down a button. Now, a minigame will ensue requiring you to press buttons in a certain order and rotate the thumbstick in order to set the bomb properly. 



The multiplayer portion of the game was very engaging, allowing players to use vehicles like motorcycles and trucks on the battlefield.


Graphically, the game is an improvement over Call of Duty 2, which says a lot, since that game was and still is some great eye-candy. The character models are extremely detailed and realistic, and the environments look incredible. Looking down the scope will focus you on certain things but not others, as objects that you aren’t focusing on will appear blurry. This is a subtle change, but makes for some very immersive gameplay, as enemies can sneak up to your side and get the drop on you if you can’t see them.


The sound is also incredible, with whizzing bullets and the battlefield ambience we’ve come to expect from the Call of Duty series.


Call of Duty 3 is shaping up to be another dynamite entry to the successful franchise, and Treyarch is certainly taking it in the right direction.

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