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C.O.P. The Recruit - NDS - Preview 2

At a very unpredictable E3 this year, one of the most surprising games to debut was Ubisoft’s C.O.P. The Recruit. An open-world game built from the ground up for the Nintendo DS, C.O.P. was a surprisingly fun approach to the genre, and one that offered unique gameplay and polished and smooth graphics. At a recent press event at Ubisoft’s San Francisco offices, GameZone was given another look at the game, checking out some of the features that we couldn’t at E3.

In the latest build, Ubisoft showcased several of the game’s features that weren’t available at E3. Among them was the recap waypoint system, which gives players a quick 2D cutscene that presents a quick rundown of the events that unfolded in their last play-through. Considering the quick play sessions that most DS players find themselves involved with, this is a great way to keep players in the story and up to date for each gameplay session.

Another feature on display was the game’s achievement system. While not as fleshed out as, say, Xbox LIVE, the game boasts a system of kudos that the player can earn as they play through the game. These vary, and the only way to get them all is to play through the game’s main campaign as well as the hours of random and side missions. Roughly sixty missions make up the core of the game, while the side missions will take you a long time, and can get pretty steep in difficulty.

C.O.P. The Recruit continues to be a very impressive title that gets better every time we see it. DS owners should definitely take note and be on the lookout for this game.

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