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Bullet Witch - 360 - Preview

It must be tough being a witch. Aside from the whole “burned at the stake” thing, there’s also the embarrassing stigma of green skin, warts, and houses falling on your siblings. Therefore, it’s perfectly understandable that one would get the idea to grab a gun and start whoopin’ some ass.

Bullet Witch from Atari is a fast-paced third-person shooter that puts you in the role of Alicia, a rough and tumble witch who spends her days fighting hordes of undead enemies and performing limber acts of acrobatics to dodge gunfire. The preview build played competently enough, but had some issues. However, if these problems get cleaned up, Bullet Witch may just be a worthy addition to the Xbox 360’s action library.

Bullet Witch Xbox 360 screenshots

Alicia’s main means of disposing of foes is her Gun Rod. The Gun Rod is basically an all-purpose weapon that can be modified to suit her needs. Using mods that you find, you can change the Gun Rod into a machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun and so on.

The level design progresses similar to games like Devil May Cry, where you’ll have to kill off a certain number of foes in order to progress, raising a magical barrier once they’re dead. The game feels quite linear as a result, but not uncommon for an action game such as this.

Being a witch, Alicia has some pretty nifty magical abilities at her disposal. She has elemental magic that she can use like lightning bolts, as well as summon up spears to ram into her foes. One particularly interesting ability of hers is her healing abilities. She can heal other characters by cutting open her wrist and pouring her blood on them. How very emo.

Bullet Witch Xbox 360 screenshots

The AI is a sore-spot for the game at this point. The enemy characters act very buggy, not attacking you or running around all willy-nilly knocking into things in the environment. This is a pretty big problem with the preview build, and hopefully one that can and will be fixed before the game ships.

Graphically, Bullet Witch gets the job done, with some good-looking character models and animations. However, the framerates are pretty boggy, and once again this is hopefully something that is within the realm of cleanup before the game goes gold.

From the preview build, Bullet Witch is looking like a competent action game. While the game’s flaws are pretty serious at this point, they could be very well cleaned up before the title ships later this month.

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