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Brink - PC - Preview

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If one looks at the pedigree of Splash Damage, it is a simple step toward understanding that this is a developer that understands the shooter genre. After all, Splash Damage worked with id Software on the very popular Enemy Territory title.

Welcome to 2009 and a partnership with Bethesda Softworks for Brink, a futuristic shooter title that applies new movement mechanics and fast-paced action to propel gamers into a world teetering on the edge.

Brink takes place in the year 2035, after the rising level of the oceans have forced societies that are on floating cities. Of course, there is social faction competition and that leads to the core conflict within the game. Players can choose to work the side of the rebel forces, or take on the role of the security forces in the game.

New gameplay mechanics revolve around the SMART system – which stands for Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain. In previous games players would run toward a barrier and stop upon reaching it. With SMART, players would vault the barrier without having to trigger the action with other keys. If you look up to a reachable ledge, you will jump up and clamor to the top of that without having to manually perform the movements.

Brink PlayStation 3 screenshots

Players can also create a unique character in terms of the look of the character and there are multiple costume customization options. Missions are also generated contextually as you are moving through the game. In the level shown, the demo’d character was on an escort mission for a defusing robot, when the Splash Damage rep found a hub, changed to an engineer, which dynamically altered the missions available in a pull-up hub.  Because the level shown was in a cooperative mode, when the controlled character changed from a soldier to an engineer, that also triggered changes in missions available for other players in the assault team.

If you didn’t get it by now, that means the game can be played both online and offline. Different classes have different experience rewards and the game does have a bit of a role-playing feel in that you can level characters and acquire new items for load-outs.

Like most shooters, Brink has stock elements like sniper mode for the weapon equipped and players can also melee, or conduct interrogations using a shock-like instrument that tortures the target into wanting to supply the information needed.

The cooperative mode will allow up to eight players, and the number of players involved in straightout versus multiplayer still has yet to be determined. The game was in the pre-alpha development phase, so other areas of the game, like the user interface, has not been finalized.

The game is looking very good, with terrific lighting and shadow effects, and environmental texturing.  The dialogue was also well done for the stage the game was in, with personalities clearly reflected in the narrative.

Brink is looking very good for its stage of development and will be releasing on the PS3, 360 and PC in the spring of 2010.


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