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Breed - PC - Preview

E3 2003 -  First Look


Battlefield 1942 has got to be one of my favorite games as of late. That being said, you can imagine my enjoyment when I got to check out Breed by CDV games since it has a lot of the same elements that I liked about BF. It will be heading exclusively to a PC near you around August of 2003, so here’s a quick rundown …


Breed takes place in the future where a colony is attacked on a remote planet, and the military is dispatched to deal with the problem. They succeed in their mission only to learn that the attack was only a decoy to allow aliens to move in and take over earth, killing, changing, and enslaving all who dwell on the surface to suit their needs. Breed then will drop you into single or multiplayer combat viewpoint fighting against the alien captors, and the game will be in an MMOFPS style. Basically, you can run around on foot as an infantry, but then have the ability to hop into various vehicles to launch offensives or provide support. One really amazing thing about Breed will be the ability to seamlessly move from the planet surface and into space, which will also open the doors up for some interstellar combat over the planet as well.


Breed is really looking awesome, and looks to be yet another top quality title from CDV getting ready to roll out to store shelves possibly in the second half of 2003.


Oh … you Xbox owners may see this one later on too, so keep checking back for updates.


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