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Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution preview


Fans have played countless hours of Borderlands to the point of bloodshot eyes. They have tried the different classes and even have maxed out their level cap multiple times through previous downloadable content. So the question remaining is: What else is there to do within Borderlands? Well 2k Games and Gearbox have the quick solution: Borderlands: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution.

A lot has occurred since players last visited Pandora. The Claptraps are tired of being used like robotic slaves. They want their freedom from Hyperion, so they have banded together to form “Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution.” It’s up to the player to answer Hyperion’s call and put an end to this madness. The fight against the Claptrap revolution won’t be an easy one since those little droids have brought back to life several bosses such as General Knox and Ned. Though, this time they have been upgraded and assimilated to fight alongside the robots and their leader, Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap. Players should remember this dastardly villain from the end of the game, spreading his propaganda all over Pandora; it’s his encouragement of the Claptraps to rise up and demand their freedom that has set the events in the upcoming DLC.

Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution will include a massive new map with six huge zones to explore. The zones promise to have a better level layout than the linear maps from The Secret Amory of General Knox. Along with loads of new gear and weapons, two extra skill points (one per playthrough) players will also be able to upgrade their backpack with six extra equipment slots (three per playthrough), which is excellent news for all of the looters craving new items to hoard.

Also keep an eye out for a free title upgrade that will bump up the level cap by eight, so if players own all of the previous DLC, they will be able to max their character level to 69 (yes, that was totally on purpose). It will also fix the level cap issue players were having with the General Knox DLC; in addition the original game’s difficulty will now scale and even out with the new levels.

Overall, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution looks to be a must-buy for all Borderlands fans and is everything they have been asking for. Releasing on Xbox LIVE and PSN on September 28, it’ll be available for $10, which isn’t a high entry point when considering the countless hours provided in replay value.

For those standing on the sidelines wondering what the Borderlands fuss was all about, then the time to jump in is October 12. The Game of the Year Edition will be released at retail for $60 and will include the game, all of the past DLC’s (including Claptrap) and a giant map of Pandora.

What’s that? You still want more? Ok, well alongside the DLC, Neca Toys is putting out a new Claptrap action figure with a built-in voice chip. Estimated release is in October and there is no talk of a price yet.

There’s so much Borderlands greatness to rejoice with over the coming months that there’s no reason for fans to feel left out.

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