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Borderlands 2 TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest Preview: Trick or treat Pandora style


The name TK Baha should sound familiar to you if you’re a Borderlands fan. Sure the poor guy hasn’t had the best of times but it’s good to see him back in some form again. In Borderlands 2’s newest DLC, TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest, he’s back! This DLC is not part of the Season Pass, those guys are over. It’s rare that you see a game continue making DLC past their promised Season Pass though.

While this DLC will be shorter than previous ones for Borderlands 2, it will still bring the same mayhem and fun that’s you’d expect. During my hands on with the Bloody Harvest at PAX Prime 2013, I got to take on a brand new boss harassing the locals. This was a large scale battle with two phases, additional monsters that heal, and buffs that fall in the form of candy. Oh yea, it’s chock-full of action and danger. There is content before and after the boss, but this was all I was able to delve into.

The general theme of this DLC is Halloween. The boss was a giant Jack-O-Lantern of doom. Each character will have access to unlocking new head and body costume options – staying in the Halloween theme; Maya was a mummy and Zero was a skeleton. Along with this Halloween theme is an October release date.

When I asked if there would be any Dark Souls references (which have been fairly prominent in Borderlands 2), they refused to comment. What you can expect is a whole bunch of Easter Eggs and references to the original Borderlands

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