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Boogie SuperStar - WII - Preview

Last year, Boogie for the Nintendo Wii was a unique approach to the rhythm game genre, allowing players to both sing and dance their way through a variety of licensed tunes. However, there were some issues with the game, and the “dancing” didn’t really feel very much like dancing as you’d simply point the Wii remote in a different direction whenever needed. However, with the upcoming follow-up, EA Montreal is looking to change that.

A wholly new experience, Boogie Superstar redoes the dancing mechanic in the game while keeping the solid singing mechanic from the first game. The dancing requires you to have rhythm and move to the beat, performing different moves depending on what comes up on the screen. The game has an on-screen metronome that will help you find the rhythm and visual cues to show you what moves you have to do.

There are six characters that you can choose from in the game, as well as several ways to customize them, from different clothes to different colors. Should you not be into customization, there is a way to have the game automatically find you an outfit.

The game will have over 40 licensed songs from a variety of artists from several different genres, like Kanye West, Britney Spears, and so on.

Boogie Superstar is shaping up to be an improvement over its predecessor, with more focused gameplay and cool new features that will appeal to the tween girl demographic. Look for it this October.

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