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Bombastic - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 -First Look


If you don’t remember Devil Dice, it was a puzzler on the original Playstation that involved rotating dice in just the right way to get them to match. Well, Capcom is bringing its sequel to the Playstation 2 in the form of Bombastic.


Bombastic will offer 7 different modes of play, but the four main modes planned are Quest Mode, Battle Mode, War Mode, and Classic Mode.


Quest Mode has you visiting different worlds and defeating your opponents along the way.


In Battle Mode players race to get to a specific spot on their dice, which rewards them with an increase to their meter. The winner is the first player with a full meter.


War Mode can support up to five players, using the multitap and the remaining second controller port. Players try to line up the dice on the same side, resulting in an explosion that can knock out your opponents. The last survivor is the winner.


Classic Mode is a solo version of War Mode. The player tries to line up the dice with the same sides facing up. The goal is to clear the field, and players are awarded points for each match they make.


Bombastic looks like a great stand-alone puzzle game, but also a great party game. With all the different modes and mind-bending puzzles, Bombastic looks to be promising.


Bombastic will be on store shelves this August. 



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