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BMX XXX - PS2 - Preview

E3 2002

The third installment of the Mirra BMX series brings a whole new flavor to extreme sports gaming. Acclaim touts it as the first mature rated extreme game and mature it is. Within it you'll find loads of adult humor, both in terms of language and situations. For example there are run-ins with prostitutes who'll flash you if you pull off the right moves and as you gain money you can see more skin at the local peep show which actually features real video clips. This isn't just another bike sim; it brings a lot more entertainment value along with being accurate to extreme riding.

Although it's still objective based and resembles the last release, Mirra XXX was built on a brand new platform (shared with Aggressive Inline) and the result is rock solid game play. A nice thing is that there's no set time limit on the levels so you always have the ability explore.

The obvious visual flaws seen in the previous version have gone away and environments have been better perfected. The environments are detailed and very interactive as are the characters found within them.  Sound wise, there's a lot of great effects and bands such as The White Stripes have been included.

Within the game you'll find a variety of riders to tear up the various levels with, including a new female character. Characters can also be created from scratch and they're highly customizable. Meaning, if you want your rider naked or to have large 'features' for example - that's not a problem. Whatever you may find entertaining is probably possible in this one...

Another cool and unique feature found in this release is a multiplayer combat mode in which gamers can battle one another using various weapons to take each other out. So something like a bar-spin to peg-grind to shoot your opponent combo is now feasible. Sounds cool to me.

By targeting the older gamers and slapping a mature rating on this title, Acclaim has gained the ability to make this one over the top and unlike any other game of its kind. They've done it well and the result is a game that, most importantly, will be a blast to play. Expect to see this one available for the PS2 in the fall and be prepared for some shocking content.

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