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BlowOut - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

These days, there aren't a whole lot of 2-D side scrollers available which is kind of a shame. Majesco is looking to actually hop onto the success of past titles like Contra by releasing a new 2-D side scroller called Blowout. Basically, this is a 3-D rendered title in the character and the backgrounds, but all moves in side scrolling fun.

Blowout will move you through 18 different action packed levels where the main focus is big guns, big killing, and big explosions. The main dude was looking great, and the enemies ranged from robotic menaces to pretty creepy looking spider aliens that kept me on my toes firing and blowing up EVERYTHING on the screen. One really unique thing about this game though is the fact that it's not a really linear experience. You have a select path to run down that you can use ... but you can also blow up multiple walls and the floors as well leaving a surprisingly freer roaming 2-D experience that we really haven't seen in this kind of game before. While Blowout will not be online, it will include a level editor which will allow you to download and trade the levels you have designed. In addition, it also will act as an ultimate cheat code of sorts ... so if you get stuck in one area of a stage, just go in and edit it out. Pretty neat huh?

Right now, the graphics are looking pretty great, with a dingy looking black and white style setup and tons of explosions and fire effects. Be looking for Blowout around the fall of 2003.

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