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Bloodrayne - XB - Preview

At E3 2002 Majesco has introduced the highly anticipated BloodRayne title and it is taking on the action/horror genre with a new attitude.  As BloodRayne who is half human, half vampire, and of course super sexy, gamers will be able to kick some serious butt in this all out blood-fest. 


Although it’s not often that we think of vampires as being good and helpful to humans, BloodRayne is the exception.  Between the two world wars her goal is to kill the enemy Nazi soldiers and the horrific creatures they create in order to save humanity from various supernatural threats.  This obviously is no easy task, but luckily this blood-sucking chick has some amazing fighting techniques that appear unstoppable.


Her primary weapons are her blades that are attached to her arms and many combos can be pulled off depending on the situation at hand.  Additionally, she can pick up guns and other weapons that are dropped by enemy soldiers.  A great feature is that it’s easy to use a gun and then blades immediately after one another, as they are controlled by separate buttons.


Throughout the game, her health must be maintained by sucking blood from victims, but if she sucks too much blood, look out!  The first blood-crazed mode in which she can do a far greater amount of damage is called bloodlust, and as if that isn’t enough, it’s possible to go into the even more frightening bloodrage mode.  Also, similar to the slow-motion feature found in Max Payne, gamers can slow down time and easily dodge enemy fire.  This is obviously very helpful in game play and there are other similar supernatural abilities that she has as well.


Because of the Infernal Engine that was used, the environments are very exotic and extremely well done as are the characters.  With the third person perspective, and nice camera placement it’s easy to spot enemy at all angles.  The AI characters are very human-like and their behavior is very realistic.  The levels and the objects found within them are very interactive and have a unique feel.  Appropriately, hitting walls results in marks on the wall and so forth and sometimes these tactics are necessary to complete missions.


This game is very graphic, it has a cool storyline, its fighting style is surprisingly unique and the result is a mind-blowing action game.  Appropriately, it will be released this Halloween.  Don’t miss it.

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