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Blitzkrieg - PC - Preview

The worst thing about Blitzkrieg, a real time strategy game with role-playing elements set in the backdrop of WWII, is you’ll have to wait until 2003 to play it.  CDV Software promises Blitzkrieg will be worth the wait, and from the looks of the game I got at E3, they’re right. 


Blitzkrieg takes place over the years of 1939 to 1945.  Players can play as either the Allied, German, or Russian forces over a series of three monstrous campaigns featuring famous historical battles such as Normandy and Ardennes and, thanks to a random mission generator, countless side missions.  The main campaigns do not need to be completed right away, and because of the RPG element of the game, players should opt for completing the side missions first. 


Completing missions and letting troops see some ‘action’ gives them better statistics and veteran status.  You don’t want to face a Nazi horde with greenhorns, you want to face them with green berets.  More experienced units reload faster, shoot more accurately, and take longer to go six feet under. 


The number of units in the game is astounding.  Over forty infantry units, 150 vehicles, and 250 buildings and objects are available, each incredibly detailed to historical accuracy.  Tanks, jeeps, planes, artillery, and bombers roll, swoop, and speed across the screen with lifelike precision.  Each uniform on the different infantry units looks exactly like those of World War Two.  Even the architectural styles of the buildings look like their 1940’s counterparts. 


Blitzkrieg looks fantastic.  The designers have been hard at work making sure that each of the vehicles, infantry, and buildings look authentic down to the nuts and bolts.  Battlefields range from sparse with little to hide behind to cluttered with buildings and trees.  Don’t be too confident using that building as cover, because all objects in the game are destructible.  Even with plenty of units on the screen, the game moves without a hitch. 


There are plenty of smaller features that make the game worth buying.  Troops need to be well supplied, so supply lines must be established.  Attack the supply base, and you may only have to deal with sticks and stones instead of bullets and grenades.  Engineers can build bridges and trenches in strategic areas to facilitate better assaults or defenses.  Blitzkrieg will ship with a map editor that will allow rookie Rommels to make their own El Alameins by creating missions, maps, and models for the game.  Blitzkrieg will also support sixteen players in multiplayer mode. 


Blitzkrieg hits shelves in 2003.

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