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Blinx: The Time Sweeper - XB - Preview

E3 2002

When time is on the blink, you call in Blinx to fix it. And when a princess is kidnapped, there is only one cat for the job.

Blinx, The Time Sweeper is a pending release from Microsoft Game Studios and Artoon Co., and was demonstrated at E3 2002 in Los Angeles. This is a clever little game, featuring a character that is an ex member of the Sonic team.

With solid graphics and animation, this is an action game that is a little on the arcade side, but still should appeal to gamers who like fast-paced action and unusual power-ups.

According to the story, Blinx has worked at the Time Factory for years as a Time Sweeper and janitor. His daily tasks include collecting time crystals that have been lost before they cause glitches in time. But like all ideal worlds, Blinx is about to find himself taking on bigger responsibilities. It seems that some unscrupulous beings have kidnapped a princess and have plans to steal the time crystals and abuse their powers.

It is up to Blinx to save the day.

This game features some wonderful elements, and as one would guess, they have to do with time. Blinx can actually record his actions, then play them back, having one self do one thing, while he does another. It sort of like a time split with Blinx stepping outside and watching one set of actions while he does another. This enables him to attain a cooperative experience, necessary to overcoming some of the challenges he will face. In addition he can put the world in slow motion, rewind it or fast-forward it.

The game has 40 levels of game play, and upgradeable weapons and abilities.

This is a lushly rendered game that keeps the control elements somewhat simple while challenging players with a variety of monsters and obstacles that must be overcome.

This is a delightful product that is immersive, and entertaining.

Look for it on store shelves this fall.

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