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Blade Kitten E3 preview


It looks like an old-school platform arcade title, but with a few notable exceptions. Blade Kitten, from Atari and Krome Studios, carries an ESRB rating of T for Teen, though the reason is not immediately clear.

Let’s go through the checklist … Cute characters? Yep. Side-scrolling platform fun - check that one affirmative, too. Pick-up-and-play arcade action - yes, again. Is it offensively violent? Not at all. About all one can guess is that the lead character, Kit Ballard has some sensuality to her movements, has a tale and kitten ears, and … well, that can’t be it either. So forget that mystery and let’s move on.

Blade Kitten is the story of a bounty hunter on a fanciful world of Hollow Wish. She hunts through drones and robots for her targets, using the floating Darque Blade for range and melee attacks. The character is based off the comic books created by Krome co-founder and creative director Steve Stamatiadis. It is his first new intellectual property since creating TY the Tasmanian Tiger series.

Krome representative Cameron Davis, on hand at the Atari booth to demonstrate the game at E3, called it an “old-style game with new style visuals.” When asked what sets the game apart from other platformers, he simply said, “fun,” then added “we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

The game sports 19 levels with fully voice dialogue, AI sidekick assistance, scramble-style exploration methods and visual hits about which paths to take through the levels.

The characters are engaging as is the cel-shaded visual art style. The control scheme is also reasonably intuitive. All in all, Blade Kitten is lighthearted and fun to play.

The game will be available in September for download via the 360 Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network and for PC.

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