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Black Sigil: Blade Of the Exiled - NDS - Preview

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Featuring 40 hours of gameplay, Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled is a deep role-playing game that pays homage to old-school role-playing games while simultaneously forging its own identity.

The game centers on a Kairu, a young knight who has no magical abilities. Unfortunately, Kairu lives in an area where everyone else has magical skills and those without are not trusted. It seems that in the history of the town, there was another without magical abilities who turned out to be quite evil and brought warfare to the town. Despite efforts to teach him magic, Kairu fails to show any kind of magical ability. This eventually results in his banishment, along with the banishment of his step-sister. The game then focuses on Kairu’s attempts to find his way back as well as discover who is really is (he was adopted).

The game features the party-based adventuring system that many games may be well versed in, but with a bit of a twist. There can be three characters (of the eight total in the game) in the party, which are then represented by one avatar as the player moves the party around. But rather than constantly play as Kairu, players can change to any member of the party to represent them. This can have an effect on how the party is received by NPCs in the game.

In addition to the main story arc, there are side quests. The game also features epic boss battles, tons of customization and the stylus has been fully integrated into the game.

Phillip Waites, a producer at Graffiti Entertainment, said the writing of the game was one of the title’s strong points, creating deep stories for the characters while infusing the game with some humor.

The game combat alternates from turn based to real time, with more than 100 different skills, and 150 spells.

The game “maintains nostalgia,” Waites said, “but is very much its own game.”

Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled is slated to release the second week in June.


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