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Big Buck Hunter Pro - MB - Preview

If you’ve been to GameWorks or Dave & Busters recently, chances are you’ve seen one of the last arcade franchises still in existence: Big Buck Hunter Pro. Using a big lightgun, a large monitor and a cornucopia of animal targets, Big Buck Hunter Pro has made its way into bars across the country. It was recently ported to Verizon, Alltel, US Cellular and Cellular South. Later this year, the game will land on the iPhone with new controls and graphics that are superior to the other mobile versions.

As we speak, the developers are tinkering with the controls, hoping to achieve the perfect balance between simplicity and challenge. The easiest control style is the tap mode; here, you merely tap the screen to shoot your targets. Ammo is reloaded automatically, so all you have to worry about is where your thumbs or fingers end up.

  Big Buck Hunter Pro screenshots

Reload mode is a bit more challenging. With this mode, you still have the luxury of shooting targets with a simple tap. However, you must also reload your weapon (for now, after every shot) by tapping the bottom left corner of the screen. In doing so, you’re bound to lose a second or two in between shots, making it much more difficult to earn a perfect score.

With or without the auto-reload function, players are unlikely to get a perfect score right from the start. In this game, your targets don’t stand still. During the duck hunt missions, you have to monitor how fast the ducks are flying and tap the screen slightly above their path in order to get a clean shot. Otherwise you’re bound to miss because, by the time your finger touches the screen, the duck will have already passed your line of fire.

 Big Buck Hunter Pro screenshots 

Six locations are being developed for the iPhone version, along with 30 different hunting sites and six bonus levels. Perhaps most interesting is that the iPhone version (developed and published by Super Happy Fun Fun) can link up with the arcade version (developed by Play Mechanix). On the minor end, this allows you to access arcade and mobile leader boards with your iPhone, an Internet-connected arcade cabinet, or the Web. Better still, you’ll be able to use your iPhone to connect to your Big Buck Hunter Pro account or use it to create a new one.

Additionally, Super Happy Fun Fun is going to release a free Big Buck Hunter Finder app this month that will allow you to locate every networked Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade cabinet in the country. In the future, the developers hope this app will allow you to locate any BBHP arcade cabinet – networked or not.

Big Buck Hunter Pro screenshots  

Due sometime in the third quarter (with plans to submit the game to Apple at the end of July), Big Buck Hunter Pro looks like it’s going to be a hot item with hunting enthusiasts everywhere.

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