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Beyond Good & Evil - XB - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

From Michel Ancel, the creator of the successful Rayman franchise, comes Beyond Good & Evil, a game in which you star as an action reporter who is trying to blow the lid off of a massive conspiracy that is threatening her hometown. As an action reporter, your main weapon is a camera and your job is to take pictures and provide evidence to your people of the conspiracy that is going on. The gameplay is very non-linear, and you have free roam of your town from the get-go. As you find evidence of this huge conspiracy, you’ll gain the support of the population, which will in turn provide you with funding.

Sound, light and shadow all play very important roles in the game, as most operations will have to be done in stealth. However, if you do get found by the enemy, you can fight them off with a staff. The combat system features targeting and combo systems very similar to Star Fox Adventures. All in all, Beyond Good & Evil is shaping up to be the innovative platformer that the industry desperately needs.

Look for it later this year before Christmas for the PC, PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

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