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Ben 10: Protector of Earth - WII - Preview

Pre-E3 2007 Hands On Preview

The Cartoon Network had a fairly big showing at D3Publisher’s press event held in Santa Monica, with titles showcasing the latest games based on the NARUTO and Ed, Edd n Eddy licenses making appearances. However, one license that hadn’t previously had video game representation was also shown, Ben 10: Protector of the Earth. Based on the wildly popular cartoon, Ben 10: Protector of the Earth puts you in control of the young hero as he uses his alien transformation powers to defeat the evil Valgax. The preview build offered up fun and accessible gameplay that fans of the show will be able to quickly get into.

Ben 10 requires you to use Ben’s Omnitrix, which is essentially a wrist watch that allows Ben to change into a bunch of different alien creatures, each with their own abilities and traits. In the preview build, Fourarms and Heatblast were playable. Their names are self-descriptive, as Heatblast is a fiery alien with the ability to float in the air and shoot fireballs at enemies, and Fourarms has, well, four arms to pummel enemies with.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth Wii screenshots

The game uses the Wii controls in a different way. By holding down the C Button on the nunchuck and pointing the Wii-mote at your watch (or your wrist should you not be wearing one) allows you to change to one of your alien forms. The Wii-mote/nunchuck combo works pretty well, never really getting in the way of the action as it can in some multiplatform games on the system.

The game plays a lot like the LEGO Star Wars series. There are breakable objects that you can destroy to get extra items and points, and the combat system is pretty easy to grasp, which is good for the younger set. The game also gives you 98 combos to perform, meaning that it will give some depth as well as ease of use.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth Wii screenshots

Ben 10 is turning out to be an easy-to-learn action platformer that fans of the show will enjoy and be able to get into. Look for it in late October.

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