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Bee Movie Game - WII - Preview 2

From Dreamworks Pictures, Bee Movie is an upcoming animated feature starring Jerry Seinfeld as Barry B. Benson, a fresh-out-of-college bee bent on suing humanity for the consumption of honey. Activision is currently working on a game based on the film, which is scheduled to release later this fall. Bee Movie Game, as it’s called, will offer the flair and style of the film (and even voice work by some of the cast, including Seinfeld) along with some free-form gameplay elements and some fun mini-game sequences.

In Bee Movie Game, you’ll play as the film’s main protagonist, Barry, as he embarks on a variety of adventures throughout the city. Barry graduates from college and becomes dissatisfied with the life of a bee. So, he embarks on a journey to discover himself and goes to the city, and discovers humanity’s use of bees and their honey, and the adventure begins.

The game will allow players to fly throughout the environment freely, but will impose some restrictions. For example, the level showcased at a recent press event held by Activision took place during a rainy day in the city, and required the player to hide under cover and canopies in order to avoid the raindrops, which would’ve proved fatal if too many fell on Barry. In this stage you could also use airstreams in order to move quickly from one place to another while avoiding raindrops, and proved to be quite important for getting through the section.

Another stage showed how the game will use time-based button press sequences, similar to God of War or Spider-man 3. In this sequence, Barry is flying in the middle of a busy city street, and you must push directions on the controller in order to quickly avoid the oncoming cars and trucks. There was a second sequence that showcased this, where Barry had to keep from getting squashed while riding around on a tennis ball in the middle of a match between two human characters.

The final section of the demo was another free-form flight section, where Barry had to perform some tasks in a city park area. Barry had to shoot down enemy bugs while harvesting pollen from some flowers and pollinating others. The controls were pretty open in this mode, with an auto-target function for shooting down other bugs and for selecting flowers. The Wii-mote and Nunchuck will be the method for controlling Bee Movie Game, allowing you to point at the screen to target objects and enemies, as well as tilt the nunchuck dongle in order to perform moves like barrel rolls.

The game will feature a two-player multiplayer mode that will allow you to play a variety of mini-games set in the universe. Among the games is a cart racing game and a two-player first-person shoot-out. The Wii-mote will come in handy in this mode, as you’ll be able to point at the screen and shoot.

Graphically, the game looks decent on the Wii, and is done in the style of the upcoming movie. While not as pretty as its Xbox 360 counterpart, the Wii version succeeds in looking just fine on the Wii’s hardware.

Bee Movie Game is shaping up to be a fun and diverse game that fans of the movie (or of animated films as a whole) should enjoy. Look for it to ship around the same time as the movie.

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