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Bee Movie Game - NDS - Preview 2

From Dreamworks Pictures, Bee Movie is an upcoming animated feature starring Jerry Seinfeld as Barry B. Benson, a fresh-out-of-college bee bent on suing humanity for the consumption of honey. Activision is currently working on a game based on the film, which is scheduled to release later this fall. Bee Movie Game, as it’s called, will offer the flair and style of the film (and even voice work by some of the cast, including Seinfeld) along with some free-form gameplay elements and some fun mini-game sequences.

In Bee Movie Game, you’ll play as the film’s main protagonist, Barry, as he embarks on a variety of adventures throughout the city. Barry graduates from college and becomes dissatisfied with the life of a bee. So, he embarks on a journey to discover himself and goes to the city, and discovers humanity’s use of bees and their honey, and the adventure begins.

Bee Movie Game on the DS will be played out in 3D, with the top screen devoted to the gameplay and the bottom screen being a map to guide you around the world. The DS version has a more exploratory feel to it, allowing you to speak with non-playable characters throughout the beehive as well as out in the world. The game will feature some puzzles that you’ll have to complete to proceed across the levels, like finding a way to turn off sprinklers, or carry objects across the map and so on.

Graphically, the game looks very good, and represents the style of the movie very well. The 3D polygon-based graphics look great, and are smoothly animated.

Bee Movie Game is shaping up to be a fun and diverse game that fans of the movie (or of animated films as a whole) should enjoy. Look for it to ship around the same time as the movie.

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