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Bayonetta - 360 - Preview 3

Taking the stylish combat and fast pace from games like Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe, Bayonetta from SEGA and developer Platinum Games is an innovative action game that puts players in the heels of the title character, a powerful witch forced to fight her way through a variety of angelic enemies while using a variety of insane attacks and combos. GameZone recently spent some time with the recently released demo, and walked away with a great impression of what the game has to offer. Bayonetta is a visually exciting experience with fast, awesome combat that no action gamer will want to miss out on.

The demo offers a brief taste what the game has to offer, starting out with an intense battle on an airborne falling clock tower, then culminating into a full-on boss battle in Vigrid, the main city of the game's storyline. While the demo only featured a few combat moments, they did a fine job of showcasing the game's crazy pace and action.

Bayonetta's action unfolds in a very tongue-in-cheek way, with the title character blowing kisses at the screen and cheesy music playing in the background. The game definitely has a sense of humor about itself, but still manages to pack in a substantial amount of style.

The gameplay is noticeably similar to the Devil May Cry franchise, as Bayonetta combines a substantial amount of gunplay and melee combat, and some pretty awesome combos. Bayonetta can perform punches and kicks, as well as shoot her guns (which can be in her hands as well as attached to her feet), and perform air juggles. Dodging from enemy attacks is done by pressing the right trigger before an enemy attacks. Do this at just the right moment to activate Witch Time, which allows you to perform stronger attacks and slows down your foes to a crawl while you wail on them.

Aside from basic combos and attacks, you're also able to perform some pretty insane special moves. You can perform "Torture Combos" that execute your enemy using objects like Iron Maidens and Guillotines, which is a great touch and an interesting addition.

Bayonetta is simply a game that must be seen in action to truly appreciate. The gameplay unfolds at a fast and furious pace, and its easy to get lost in the constant barrage of enemies, flashing colors, and ample bloodletting. The game is a sight to behold, with the crazy, fast combos unfolding in truly unique fashion.

Graphically, the demo build showcased some truly impressive visuals. The art direction is fantastic, with well-designed enemies, detailed environments, and some of the coolest combat I've seen yet in a video game. The moves were large and creative, and there was never a dull moment with the game's combat.

The Bayonetta demo is a worthy download for anyone remotely interested in what is sure to be one of the biggest titles of early 2010. Download it today.

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