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Battlefield: Bad Company - PS3 - Preview

The Battlefield series has made its name on offering huge scale multiplayer battles across several different platforms. Now, EA is readying the latest title in the franchise, Battlefield: Bad Company, touting it as a full-on next-gen experience. The game will be a bit of a departure for the series, offering a focused single-player element that doesn’t just involve bots. You’ll be a member of a squad of elite units as they play through a fictional modern conflict. More story-driven and featuring an awesome next-gen engine, Battlefield: Bad Company should be a daring shooter that fans of the genre will want to check out.

In Bad Company, you are a member of a small elite group of soldiers called Company B. You guys are fighting in a war that you don’t really feel personally invested in, but are mainly on the hunt for a missing stockpile of gold that is somewhere out in the war-torn region. The story has elements from movies like Dirty Dozen and Three Kings, making for a compelling campaign.

The team at EA DICE has created a brand new engine for the game that is extremely impressive. The game will feature the Crossfire engine, which allows for some insanely destructible environments, like buildings that will crumble to bits of bricks and mortar and trees that will topple over from grenade blasts. It looks great, and uses the concept of environmental destruction to an extreme that’s never been done.

Details on the game where a bit slim, but the developers did stipulate that it would offer 8-on-8 online play in addition to the robust single-player mode. Stay tuned for more information on Battlefield: Bad Company as it develops. Otherwise, look for it to hit shelves next spring.

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