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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - PS3 - Preview 2

The echo of distant gunfire sounded more like a jazz drummer warming up using nothing more than his snare drum and when it got louder I leaned against the pockmarked wall looking through the scope of my rifle expecting the enemy to appear at any minute. A high-ranking officer riding on the backseat of a Humvee stops long enough to tell me that the enemy is coming and they’re bringing a tank. Welcome to the multiplayer beta for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, soldier.


On November 19, EA has given PlayStation 3 owners a taste of what to expect from the multiplayer portion of the sequel to the excellent Battlefield: Bad Company. The beta features one map called Africa Harbor as well as one game match type called Rush that has an attacking and then a defending turn. There are also a nice variety of vehicles, squad support and loads of weapons you get to use once you unlock them by earning a higher rank.

The African Harbor map is actually quite a massive one with flatlands that span a construction yard, the remnants of a train station, a shipyard, an abandoned base and an empty town. Aside from being a huge map, there are more than enough areas to suit each of the game’s classes so if you’re the stealthy type there are many places for you to use as a sniper. If you’re the type that likes to blow things up then there are buildings that you can use to spring an ambush on the armored vehicles such as the tanks.

In the beta I got to preview all of the vehicles on this particular game match, which included a specialized ATV-like vehicle called the UAV, a Humvee and the tank (that, naturally, can’t be destroyed just by lobbing grenades at it). The vehicles were actually easy to control and certain vehicles allow for passengers including a passenger that can man the gun emplacement on the Humvee.


Teamwork is also essential in securing a victory whether you’re on the defending side or the attacking one in Rush. I got to see an American Special Forces team and a Russian militant group in the multiplayer beta and while you’ll hear the soldiers speak their native tongue, you will most likely ignore it to coordinate a battle plan with your teammates. Yes, you can go off on your own and shoot any oncoming enemies but it is the tactics-minded gamers that know that teamwork is what makes Battlefield’s multiplayer matches really shine.

In the Rush game match, as an attacker you are tasked with reaching a computer terminal you must set to explode in each section of the map. Of course, on the defending side your mission is to guard it as well as defuse any explosive placed on the terminal. To win the match you either must destroy all or enough terminals as an attacker or successfully defend the terminal against the enemy. Aside from the variety of vehicles, there are gun emplacements scattered throughout the map to use during a match.

As I mentioned you can unlock new weapons when you earn a new rank like in past Battlefield games. Ranks are earned by being awarded points on the battlefield for taking down an enemy in different way as well as pull off a kill assist. Of course, different classes get different weapons as well as different skills so if you need a tank repaired then the Engineer is your new best buddy.


While I only played on a four-on-four player team (more can join for a total of 24 players), the action flowed surprisingly fluid with no hiccups or a drop in the framerate. The controls made for accurate shooting and you can perform stealth kills and melee attacks when stealth is needed. More importantly, the action is fast, furious and fun and this is just one of the maps.

If things continue to go as smoothly as the multiplayer beta, we can come to expect Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s multiplayer part to be one of the most highly addictive multiplayer modes on the PlayStation 3 for 2010. With all the things you can ask for in a multiplayer match, you can bet we will most definitely be looking forward to this game.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be available on March 2, 2010 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

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