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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - 360 - Preview

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Last year, the Battlefield franchise showed off some comedic chops with Battlefield: Bad Company. The game had humorous dialogue and an engaging story, and the multiplayer element was pretty solid to boot. Now, EA is gearing up to release their next entry in the Bad Company spin-off line, Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

At a recent press event held by the publisher, Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s multiplayer portion was on display. The gameplay was largely what you’d expect from the series, with huge scale 12-on-12 fracases centered on capturing and controlling spawnpoints throughout the map. The game gives you plenty of classes and weapon kits to do this, as well as many different vehicles, on land, air or sea. Only by working with your teammates can you and your team emerge victorious.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Xbox 360 screenshots

The original Battlefield: Bad Company was notable for its destruction system, which allowed you to destroy a building down to its frame. Bad Company 2 takes this concept and pushes it even further, as DICE has refined the system to be even more accurate and destructible, expanding upon one of the original game’s most intriguing elements.

The multiplayer session only showcased one area, Snowbound, which was a village steeped on a snowy mountainside where the two sides were locked in mortal conflict. The level looked great, and the narrow roads and many buildings provided for some hairy firefights. As you could imagine, the combat was pretty diverse, with plenty of on-foot and vehicle-centered fighting.

Unfortunately, Bad Company 2’s single-player campaign and story elements weren’t on offer at the EA event. However, based on the strength of the intense multiplayer element, it’s pretty safe to assume that this is a game that shooter fans will want to keep an eye on.

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