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Battle vs. Chess Preview


TopWare and Zuxxez are ready to invigorate life into chess with Battle vs. Chess. Allowing players to play out the battles in real-time, it’ll give an approach that hasn’t been seen in quite some time for the classic game.

Each battle sequence between pieces is entirely different as they vary by what pieces are included in the battle and how many appear for each side of the battle. Depending on which unit that is placed in battle, such as the Queen who normally wrecks shop, the odds will be often slanted towards the more powerful pieces. It’s up to the player to battle it out and make their own destiny.

No worries for hardcore chess fans, the same rules apply. If players have no clue how to play chess, there is a tutorial available to teach the basics. There’s also a Campaign Mode provided for both side of the narrative such as the Order and Chaos/Black and White normal sides that is objective based with missions such as saving the queen from being surrounded by pawns. If that isn’t enough, there are mini-games to partake in to collect crystals. There’s also a multiplayer online component that will allow players to duke it out against one another.

Battle vs. Chess will release on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, DS and PSP later this fall.

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