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Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


Battle Mages is a Real Time Strategy/Role Playing Game cross that puts you in control of a ghost-like apparition who in turn has control of its own forces and troops.  The gameplay is pretty similar to Sacrifice, but uses a top-down camera much like WarCraft.  You have control over several races, ranging from Orcs to Elves to Humans, and each one interacts differently with each race. 


The preview build featured some pretty nice graphics and interesting characters.  The game will also feature some very huge areas, which were said to be around fifteen kilometers in area.  Online, Battle Mages will allow you to have more control over your ghost avatar and even allow you to kill those of your opponents. 


Battle Mages will have online gameplay features when it ships this fall.

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