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Batman: Dark Tomorrow - GC - Preview

E3 2002 - First Look

With all the excitement caused by the recently released Spider-Man film, no one has been paying attention to poor Batman.  Well, things may soon change as soon as Kemco releases their newest action/adventure title: Batman: Dark Tomorrow.

Of course, as usual something's up in Gotham City.  There's an ongoing gang war taking place on the streets and with the disappearance of the police commissioner, chaos seems like it will forever remain within the city.  It's up to the one and only Batman to rescue the commissioner and put a halt to the anarchy.  Sound familiar?  Well, it should because this is no new story, it's based on the original Batman story written by Scott Peterson.

I think it's a great idea to bring back the original story at this point, instead of just making up completely new material that lacks the original quality of the comic series.  This is especially true because they now have some great platforms to work with and appropriately, the game will be available on all next-generation consoles: PS2, XBox, and GameCube.  As a result, the game looks amazing. 

We'll see all the classic villains in Dark Tomorrow, including Freeze, The Joker, Poison Ivy, and more.  All these character models have been nicely rendered and quite accurately reflect their original designs.  The animations widely vary between the different characters and they're smooth and life-like.  Batman's cape looks especially cool, and it's functional as well.  This is due to the tactile pulse feedback technology, which allows gamers to feel (through the controller) if they've deflected shots from behind.  In addition to the great looking characters, the environments, and especially the unique lighting found in each, are very detailed and true to the classic series.

As Batman, gamers will have access to all the fun gadgets, including Batcuffs, Batgrapple, Batcable, Batarangs, Smoke Capsules, and many more.  Although there are not going to be any BatMobile levels (as of now), which is a bit disappointing, there will be some possibilities to fly the Batglider within the game.  When on foot, it will be possible to look around corners and lean against walls, in addition to some other effective tactics for ridding the city of evildoers.  Of course, the actual fighting is still fierce, which partially because Batman is as acrobatic as ever.

Batman is making a comeback and by the looks of the game in it's developmental stage, the game should do fairly well.  The projected released date is November 2002, so check it out!

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