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AWAY Shuffle Dungeon - NDS - Preview

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Developed by Mistwalker (the team behind the Xbox 360 RPGs Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey), AWAY Shuffle Dungeon is an intriguing little title to be published by Majesco. Offering an intriguing spin on the old-school dungeon crawler RPG genre, AWAY Shuffle Dungeon is a fun and unique DS title that makes good use of the DS’s dual-screen look.

AWAY Shuffle Dungeon has you playing as a young man named Sword, who is the sole member left of his village, which was taken away into a series of shuffle dungeons.

AWAY Shuffle Dungeon utilizes the DS’s dual screen format in a pretty innovative way. As you navigate through the game’s dungeons and move from one screen to the next, they’ll shift into a new arrangement, with only a few seconds warning. This allows you to run the full gamut of each dungeon, collecting items and turning each possible switch, but if you get caught turning the shuffle, you’ll get hurt or killed.

AWAY Shuffle Dungeon promises to be a pretty hefty DS game, with at least 30 hours of gameplay, depending on whether or not you fly through the game or hunt down all of the hidden extras (in which case it could be closer to 90 hours).

AWAY Shuffle Dungeon is turning out to be a deep and engaging dungeon crawler with a unique touch and plenty of exciting situations. Look for it this fall.

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