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ATV Offroad Fury 2 - PS2 - Preview

One of PlayStation 2's standout "launch window" games (any title released 3-6 months after the system landed on store shelves) was ATV Offroad Fury.  It goes without saying that ATV Offroad Fury was a game that involved off-road racing and ATVs.  But if you haven't played the game, you may not be aware of its many outstanding qualities.  To make a long story short, ATV Offroad Fury was memorable for its controls, gameplay and all of the huge, mountainous tracks that were available.  The sequel, due for release early next month, has all that and a whole lot more -- including online play!


Playing ATV Offroad Fury 2 for the first time was a joyous experience for me.  First of all, it reminded me of how great the original game was.  Although not much appears to have changed thus far (this was only a demo, after all), I was completely engrossed throughout the entire demo.  I actually ended up racing both tracks multiple times, despite the fact that they were already beaten.  Everything about the game is as perfect as it was before.  However, the controls do feel like they have been tweaked a little, adding more precision to the game's steering.  I had no problem making extremely sharp turns at really fast speeds.


The two tracks featured on the demo -- Sausalito and Anaconda Run -- were very similar to the tracks from the first game, but the layout was considerably improved.  The layers dirt that you jump over has been more evenly dispersed, making it easier to fly 20 feet into the air and land safely.  It's still not "easy" though, and I'm sure that these two tracks were the easiest, most basic ones the game has to offer.  Regardless, they were awesome, and I cannot wait to race the rest of them in the final game.


Network Adaptor owners will be thrilled to know that ATV Offroad Fury 2 will be fully playable online, with up to 4 players simultaneously!  This will be the first PS2 racing game to go online, and will be one of the first titles to link gamers from all around the world.  In other words, when ATV Offroad Fury 2 is released in certain parts of Europe, you'll be able to play against gamers over there, as well as the millions of people who live in North America!


There is also four-player split-screen mode, so that you and your local friends can play together.


Graphically, there's not a huge difference between ATV Offroad Fury 2 and its predecessor.  However, as you cut in front of your opponent, hop in the air and pull off a fast stunt, you'll begin to notice that there are a greater number of trees standing in the background.  Fog is still present, but it's not as evident as it was before.  Impressive water and snow effects are being promised for the final version of the game.  Unfortunately, neither of those elements were demonstrated on this demo.  So far though, ATV Offroad Fury 2 is looking great.


ATV Offroad Fury is now a Greatest Hits title, and can be purchased for $25 or less.  Buy it now and begin anticipating the imminent release of the long-awaited online sequel.  Look for a full review of the game right here on GameZone Online when it is released next month.

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