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Astro Boy: The Video Game - WII - Preview

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Was Astro Boy made for gaming? D3 thinks so. After all, he comes pre-built with hands that can shoot laser beams, rocket-propelled feet and a butt that can fire machineguns. Where else would you normally see that kind of a character except for a game?

Thus, when a new Astro Boy movie started development, D3 was eager to jump on board. The result is a 2D action game that is vaguely similar to the previous Astro Boy title, primarily because of the flight and attack mechanics, which will remain the same if they want to stay true to the Astro Boy character. The rest is entirely different.

Both action/exploration and flight levels are being designed for the game, the latter of which includes an R-Type-style excursion. Only one of these stages was shown this week at E3, but it looked amazing. The background consisted of a futuristic world that was literally spinning around as you progressed through the stage. This effect was created to simulate Astro Boy's flight movement and keep the 2D side-scrolling element intact. So while you're eyes are distracted by the beautiful, potentially dizzying backgrounds, the game itself stays focused.

AstroBoy Wii screenshots

D3 also showed us an action/exploration stage that showed Astro Boy flying through a fiery, industrial-type environment. Once again, the background depth was very impressive. It almost looked like you could push through the 2D structure and explore the game further. Of course, with giant spikes filling up many of the backgrounds, you may not want to.

Astro Boy made his way through this level by flying and hovering briefly. You'll have to manage your moves wisely; flying is only infinite during the flying stages. Otherwise the game keeps you grounded. If you leave a platform without a plan for reaching the next, you could end up falling into a fire the guy running the demo did.

Based on this presentation, it's hard not to get excited for the Astro Boy game. Look for it to launch around the time of the movie.

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