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Arthur and the Invisibles - PSP - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

What do you do when your grandmother is on the verge of losing her home? Why, you go adventuring, of course!

That is the challenge facing Arthur in Arthur and the Minimoys, an Atari-published multiplatform title targeting the 8-12-year-old gaming range. The game features three characters that are playable – Arthur, Princess Seleniai and Betameche. The game is based on a movie, which in turn is based on the Luc Besson novel.

The Minimoys are a tiny people … very tiny … as in 1/10 of an inch tall in the story, but the game has an assortment of bad guys, and a lot of platforming elements and puzzles to keep players driving through this graphically rich world. Somewhere in their land is the treasure that will save the house. Arthur teams up with the princess and her brother for adventures that include puzzles, racing, fighting and exploration. There will be in-game guides to help direct the path, and while there is about 20 hours of gameplay, the title also has about 50 puzzles that will need to be solved, including deciphering the language of the Minimoys.

Arthur and the Minimoys PSP screenshots

With a style that is very imaginative, the game will allow players to take control of one of the three characters at the touch of a button – an element that is necessary as each character has strengths that may come into play within the context of solving a puzzle or getting past a tough place in the game.

Graphically, the game is lush with a lot of eye candy and solid animation.

This title will also be released on the PC, PSP, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance, although the PS2 will be the lead skew. The game is likely on track to release in January 2007 in North America, which may coincide with the release of the animated feature.

Arthur and the Minimoys has a wonderful look and promises a grand adventure for the target age group, and perhaps some older fans may delight in this title as well.


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