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Armed & Dangerous - PC - Preview 2

Armed and Dangerous is the next offering by Planet Moon Studios, the fine folks behind Giants: Citizen Kabuto, one of the best games of 2000. Planet Moon is looking to repeat the success of Giants with Armed and Dangerous by giving it a rich story, offbeat sense of humor and great sense of style. We at GameZone got a chance to check out the pre-order disc for Armed and Dangerous, and while it didn’t have a playable demo of the game, we still took a look at some of the story elements for the game, and they were pretty cool.

The story takes place in the strange world Milola. You play as a young man named Roman, who leads a band of thieves called the Lionhearts. Roman’s surrogate father used to be a powerful and wise sage who was in charge of a certain book, the Book of Rule, which held tremendous value for one of the nations in the game. However, at one point, he got clubbed over the head by enemy guards from another country (while taking a whiz on a tree) and lost the book along with his memory. Now the book lies in the possession of a ruthless king, who is trying to start up an amusement park based on the idea of torture (pretty clever, eh?). Therefore, your motley group of thieves are set on humiliating the evil king by breaking into his kingdom and stealing the Book of Rule back from him.

Like Giants, Armed and Dangerous has a very offbeat sense of humor (think sort of like Monty Python). The characters are full of personality and funny idiosyncrasies, and the dialogue between them is sharp and witty.

The game will also have a ton of quirky weapons. Among them are machine guns, Vindaloo Rocket Launchers, Sticky Bombs, Topsy Turvy Bombs, etc. However, the really cool ones have to be the Land Shark Gun and the Guy Fawkes Traitor Bomb. The Land Shark gun releases a baby land shark at your enemies, which gets immediately pumped with hormone treatments and poked with cattle prods, grows to its full size, and attacks your enemy swallowing him whole. The Guy Fawkes Traitor Bomb (named after Guy Fawkes of the infamous Gunpowder Plot) temporarily hypnotizes your targets into thinking friends are actually enemies and has them attack each other viciously.

The preview disc also had a few music tracks on it from the game. From what I can tell, the music will have a very ambient sound to it, featuring a somewhat Celtic sound with the occasional bagpipes thrown in. Overall, the soundtrack sounds to be very cool and will fit in nicely with the game.

If the artwork and concept are any indication, Armed and Dangerous will be a great action-adventure game with a deep story and loads of personality, much like Giants was a few years back. To get your hands on the preview disc, pre-order the game from a participating retailer. Plus, the disc also comes with Sam and Max Hit the Road, one of the best adventure games ever now updated to run in Windows. Armed and Dangerous is set to be released in December on PC and Xbox.

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