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Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits - PS2 - Preview 2

E3 2003


Fans of console tried-and-true role-playing games have reason to rejoice. A game that has enjoyed a long and successful life in Japan is coming to the United States.


Arc the Lad is the fourth installment in the Japanese anime series, but marks the first U.S. release for the PlayStation2 of the game. Sony Entertainment showed off the game at E3 in Los Angeles, May 14-16.


“The thing that will make this game is if you are looking for a new RPG that has a good plot,” said Blake Hennon, Public Relations for Bragman, Nyman, Cafarelli, who was representing Sony.


Featuring turn-based combat, the game revolves around two brothers, separated at birth, who have rejoined to save the world. The brothers have been given power with spirit stones and are charged with saving the world.


The anime style of character art is a wonderful touch, the action is a little on the arcade side, but this is a world that is bright and colorful and features solid animation.


The interface is in line with other games of the genre, and the dialogue is a little simplistic.


Will the title work? Absolutely. Fans of the genre are not tired of games that are built around this stilly of gaming, and there is – obviously – a number of challenges inherent with the game.


The combat elements are more reminiscent of a chess match, and turn-based movement allows players to think through the game rather than rely on quick reflexes.


Arc The Lad offers nothing truly new, and is a re-hash of the tried and true style of RPG game. However, the game does have a certain charm that will keep players entertained.



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