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Alias - XB - Preview

E3 2003 – First Look


It’s a crime that we only get to see Jennifer Garner once a week on ABC’s hit television series Alias.  She’s a near flawless woman; handy with high-tech gadgets, able to bail her man out of drunken bar brawls with martial arts butt-whipping, and looks that could and do kill.  Acclaim Entertainment knows this and is banking on Garner to power Alias atop gamers’ wish lists this fall when it comes out for Xbox and Playstation 2.


Acclaim was very adamant about keeping the game true to the nature of the television series, so they enlisted the writing team, the voice talent, and even the costume designer responsible for the television series.  It appears as though Acclaim has accomplished its task; the story is television worthy, the voice acting is well above par, and Garner looks delectable in tight pants. 


Alias is a combination of stealth, espionage, and combat.  The stealth portion typically involves Sydney (Garner’s character) sneaking around unseen or creeping up behind enemies before crippling them with submissive holds, which sounds like a good way to go.  The espionage portion entails Sydney picking locks and hacking computer systems in a set of mini-games.  Tension is added to these simple mini-games through the use of an innovative split-screen system that shows guards en route to discovering her handiwork.  It’s a ticking-clock type of suspense without the passé ticking clock.  The combat system, although a little sluggish, allows the flexible Sydney to concentrate on one target, or perform wide strikes to afflict multiple targets.  Sydney has a whole arsenal of attacks, counters, and disarms to use on her would be assailants.  One of the cooler parts of combat is the ability to improvise weapons.  Almost anything in the game that seems weapon-worthy can be used as a weapon.  Sydney can wield a frying pan, a rolling pin, or just about anything else she can grab (use me as a weapon!).


Alias will be available this Fall.



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