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Alan Wake A Psychological Action Thriller - 360 - Preview

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A title that has been one of the most anticipated games for the Xbox 360, Alan Wake comes from a strong pedigree, being developed by Remedy Entertainment, the folks behind the hugely popular Max Payne franchise. However, until recently, information on the game had slowed to a crawl, with many wondering if the title had somehow slipped into development hell.

However, at this year’s E3, Alan Wake was on hand, with Microsoft and Remedy showcasing the game’s fantastic and dark atmosphere, great environments, and some snippets of its engaging story elements.

Alan Wake is a best-selling author whose wife has gone missing. Wake embarks on a quest to find her, as well as find the pieces of a manuscript that he can’t remember writing. However, as he discovers pieces of the manuscript, the events that occur in the story begin to occur in real life. Townspeople turn evil and start stalking you and objects in the environment will come to life and begin to attack you poltergeist-style.

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Light and darkness will play a central part of the gameplay mechanic in Alan Wake. The enemies that you face will be empowered by the darkness, so you’ll have to use various light sources, including flashlights, flares, and floodlights to weaken your enemies before hitting them with a bullet.

You’ll also be able to drive vehicles at times to get around the environment, and meet up with people who aren’t turned over to the darkness, who will help you in the cause of discovering what happened to your wife as well as why your manuscript seems to be coming to life.

The environment is very impressive, as the game gives a great representation of the Pacific Northwest. Gloomy wooded areas and sparse homes dot the landscape, and shifts from night to day will set the pace for the game’s action.

Much like the developer’s Max Payne franchise, Alan Wake is setting up to be a strongly narrated single player action-adventure with a great story and some terrifying gameplay. Look for more info before next spring.


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