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a boy and his blob - WII - Preview

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Back in 1989 a game was released called a boy and his blob – a story about an alien that comes to Earth, recruits a boy to help him reclaim his planet of Blobolonia.

Wayforward Technologies and Majesco are bringing the game back with some updates that will transport the 20-year old title to the Wii next-gen console system. The game has been re-envisioned and is a totally new game mechanic with a new aesthetic, though it is basically the same content.

This is a side-scrolling platformer that has puzzle elements. The boy of the title has jelly beans that the blob loves to gobble up and each time he does so, the blob takes on a different form. The jelly beans are in infinite supply, though they are dedicated to one of the 40 levels (there are also 40 challenge levels). The reason for dedicating certain jelly beans to certain levels was to create an atmosphere where players will have to consider what is available and the best way to use the forms. Each of the levels ends with a golden jelly bean that transforms the blob into a door by which the boy leaves that level. There are a total of 15 transformations for the blob and about half are new to the game.

a boy and his blob Wii screenshots

While there are three treasures per level, the game also has charming nuances, like a dedicated hug button that players can use to establish that bond between the central characters.

The look of the game is very clean, bright and colorful. The animations are totally hand drawn and the graphics are hand painted.

Players will be able to jump between the levels in the story arc by using one of the hideouts in the game (there are four total) and accessing the map. The controls have been kept simple on the whole, with no motion controls coming into play, and no IR sensor elements.

The game started out with about 10 hours of gameplay, but if players try to achieve on every level within the game, that number nearly doubles.

a boy and his blob is a classic updated with charm and style and should be a title for platform fans, and younger players, to watch for. Look for the game to release in October.


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