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5 indie games that you should keep your eye on

Various platforms. Various genres = Loads of fun

There were so many amazing games at this year's PAX East, so many that most people probably didn’t try most of them, however, as I was in the trenches the whole weekend scouting out some of the best games to offer.

Walking into PAX the main attractions are the big triple AAA games like Overwatch, Battleborn, and the Sony and Microsoft booths , however, there might have been two times more indie games than triple AAA games at the convention.


These indie games might pass  over someone's head and that unique and exhilarating experience might be completely missed. But don't worry, I compiled a couple of the best indie games at 2016.

These games are all varied providing different experience for a wide range of players. If you were at the event, you might have skipped over them as well, so let's start off with our first exciting new indie game -- ABZU.

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