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300: March to Glory - PSP - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

300: March to Glory is an action game that takes place in the Roman Age, pitting you as King Leonidas as he takes an army of merely 300 Spartans and leads them against Xerxes and his Persian empire. Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel and the upcoming film, the game will feature Dynasty Warrior style gameplay where you’ll fight against many different opponents at once with the aid of your loyal units.

As King Leonidas, you’ll have access to several different weapons. You’ll have both a sword and a spear that you can switch out as you go, and unique combos for each. They also have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, as the sword moves noticeably faster, but lacks the punch and the range of the spear, which moves slower and more bulky than the sword.

Another weapon at your disposal will be your shield, which is not only your means of defense, but also a way to knock enemies off balance and get a better attack in.

You’ll also have rage moves with are determined by the rage meter underneath your health bar on the screen. By holding down a shoulder button and initiating an attack, you’ll be able to do a bit more damage at the expense of your rage bar, which you’ll build up while fighting.

The fighting system in the game felt pretty comfortable and Leonidas controlled quite easily, although it was a little difficult to gauge any kind of large-scale battles from the relatively small amount of enemies on the screen at a given time. Luckily, the developers have plenty of time to work on this, as the game doesn’t ship until next year.

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