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[NYCC 2012] Interview: Lost Planet 3 will be a narrative-driven experience

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GameZone: We noticed that the grappling hook has returned in Lost Planet 3, could you go a bit into how it's used this time around?

Andrew Szymanski: The grappling hook is used a fair amount in single player. Unlike in previous games in the series you won't be able to use the grappling hook on any surface. That was a calculated decision that we made. We wanted to, in a certain sense, make the world less convenient and have the player and the other characters have to struggle. That influenced the design of not only the grappling hook but the other weapons and abilities.

The tone of our game is a bit more cinematic, a bit more realistic. There's definitely still a lot of Sci-Fi and over-the-top elements but we didn't want to have people jumping and flying all around. We felt the pacing in Lost Planet 3 would be a little more deliberate in order to play into the story and the characters that we were making.

We also have the multiplayer, where we aren't getting into the modes or anything just yet, but I will tell you that the grappling hook will play a larger part because it's part of the strategy in the multiplayer.

Lost Planet 3 screenshot

GameZone: So you aren't saying anything about the multiplayer yet?

Andrew Szymanski: All we are saying is that multiplayer is very important and that it's been a key part of the franchise since day one. We're going to continue to honor that and respect that by providing a robust suite of different multiplayer modes.

GameZone: Lost Planet 2 was a very different type of game. It was very divisive, but loved by some players. How would you pitch Lost Planet 3 to that audience?

Andrew Szymanski: Well Lost Planet 2, I think, had a specific goal in mind and it did that very well. It created a sort of party game with guns, if you will. It's about getting people together and having these very rambunctious sessions that are full of different enemy types and different mecha types and all sorts of weapons and content that you unlock. There's a slot machine. It's just really over-the-top. It's that party game atmosphere, where it's totally predicated on getting other players together to have that experience.

We are veering in a much different direction for Lost Planet 3 but what I would tell the fans of LP2 is, you know, just because we make LP3 and it's a different game, that doesn't mean LP2 goes away. It doesn't mean we're denying that, it just means that when we sat down at Capcom, the franchise creative director Kenji Oguro, who made the first two games, came to me and said, "I want to do a third game and this is how I want to do it." It was his concept to get back to the roots of the franchise.

This isn't a situation where we're going off the rails. The original team behind Lost Planet had a vision for where they wanted it to go. It's been an interesting journey because each Lost Planet game has had a very different feel to it and a different kind of purpose. We think that LP3 is on track and we hope to fulfill the promise we are making which is to create this very strong character-driven and narrative-driven experience.

But, I hope that if you like Lost Planet 2 you'll give Lost Planet 3 a shot. We are focusing on multiplayer and Akrid and mecha and things like that in the game that we feel are core to the franchise values. Lost Planet 2 will always be there and be near and dear to our hearts and we hope that people like Lost Planet 3 as something that is different and equally as compelling.

Lost Planet 3 screenshot

GameZone: Can we expect any narrative threads between Lost Planet 3 and the first two games?

Andrew Szymanski: There are a lot of ties to the first game. I don't want to go more in depth than that because I want to stay out of spoiler territory, but all I'll say is if you've played the first two games not only will you notice the overt connections like, "Oh, this person is related to that person," but you're also going to notice once you finish the game that there is a thematic thread that ties everything back together. We're really excited with our narrative because it does provide a way to create an overall arc for the whole series.

But, because it's the first story chronologically, if you don't know what happened in the first two games it's not going to negatively affect you.

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