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Comic Con 2012: South Park - The Stick of Truth Preview


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

I haven't been much of a South Park fan in recent years, feeling as though the show simply takes whatever happened in the past week and jams it together at random, hoping comedy ensues. That's why I was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing at THQ's Comic-Con presentation of the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth, rediscovering that Matt and Trey really can deliver the laughs when they're working with an original universe rather than simply rehashing current events.


Truth is that Stick of Truth plays out like one of the funniest South Park episodes I've ever seen, seamlessly moving between animated cutscenes and gameplay to keep the player laughing. The host in charge of the playthrough made sure to show off just how many gags are packed into the scenery. For instance, the camp behind Cartman's house contains several little setpieces. Kicking the "Pool of Revelation" (a standard kiddie swimming pool) several times will have Cartman dropping his serious wizard talk to call for his mom, while Scott Malkinson is there to discuss how his Diabetes are both "a blessing and a curse." Inside Cartman's tent, players can name their character, to which Cartman will respond "You have entered 'douchebag,' is that correct?" Seems there's no way to escape being referred to as "douchebag," which your character responds to with a pretty hilarious frown.

Soon you're cast into a battle against an invasion of "Elves," tasked with taking out this legion of cosplaying 4th graders. The game's battle system is a standard turn based affair, though is peppered with tons of hilarious dialogue from the fighters, and some definite South Park inspired weapons and special attacks. Seen in one menu was the "Vibroblade," clearly a big pink dildo, while summoning Mr. Slave against a collection of Vampire Kids ended with one of them lodged up the leather-lover's anus.

Again, there's tons to love here, and it's awesome to see the creators of the show actually getting involved. There's plenty more to be spoiled before the game actually releases on March 5th, 2013, though we definitely saw Crab People, Jesus, and a giant version of Clyde.

And yes, the game has ninja stars. 

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